Fashion & Wardrobe Consulting

Frustrated with your wardrobe?  Is your closet brimming with clothes, but somehow you still have “nothing” to wear?  Better to Give has highly experienced and fashion savvy consultants on staff who can help you streamline your wardrobe.  

Better to Give clients look great and feel confident in every situation, yet spend LESS time, LESS money and have MORE to wear!  Our Wardrobe Management Plans follow simple steps to ensure that you eliminate costly mistakes and frustration.  We incorporate the following principles:

  • Educate clients about styles, colors and shapes that work best for their shape and personality
  • Evaluate – delete any pieces that do not fit, are dated or worn
  • Organize closet by style, color and season 
  • Assess – note what is missing to make to make wardrobe complete
  • Create a Needs List based on current wardrobe, personal style and lifestyle
  • Shop with client or for them to find all items on “Needs List”
  • Coordinate – increase the number of outfits by mixing current pieces with new items

Like it or not, your clothing and appearance directly effect how are perceived, both professionally and in social settings.  INVEST in yourself!

We would love to talk more with you about Wardrobe and Fashion Consulting, please visit the Contact Us page and let us know how we can help!