Corporate Seminars


Our interactive seminars educate employees by giving them the tools necessary to improve their overall professional image.  Like it or not, we are all judged by the way we dress and the way we present ourselves.  This course helps participants understand that a strong positive image equals success. 


Session Objectives:

  • Image Directly Effects Your Path To Success
  • First Impressions Are Not Enough
  • The Image Inventory
  • Developing Your Desired Image
  • What Is Business Casual?
  • The Working Wardrobe – Appropriate. Efficient. Affordable.
  • Includes visual aides and materials for all participants


It is important for a company to present a consistent image to clients and the community that projects their specific standards and culture.  Employees are an extension of your company and it is necessary for them to understand the importance image has on their professional success as well as how it directly impacts your company.  Our goal is to educate and encourage your employees to present consistent positive impressions, be appropriate in all business settings and gain confidence.  This confidence produces a more effective workforce, which in turn, improves your bottom line.

Better to Give sessions are tailored to each company’s specific requirements.  Dress Code policies are incorporated into every program and we also offer consulting on Dress Code Revisions.